Takahiro NAKAMA

Project Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry,
The University of Tokyo,

Takahiro NAKAMA


2015. 3B.S. The University of Tokyo
2017. 3M.S. The University of Tokyo
2018. 9-11Visiting Student, M. Famulok lab., University of Bonn, Bonn, Germany
2020. 3Ph.D. of Science, The University of Tokyo
2020. 4Project Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo


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    [10.1039/D3CC05520E ]

  • "Metal-mediated DNA strand displacement and molecular device operations based on base-pair switching of 5-hydroxyuracil nucleobases"

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  • "Hysteresis behavior in the unfolding/refolding processes of a protein trapped in metallo-cages"

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  • "Protein stabilization and refolding in a gigantic self-assembled cage"

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  • "Site-specific polymerase incorporation of consecutive ligand-containing nucleotides for multiple metal-mediated base pairing"

    T. Nakama, Y. Takezawa, M. Shionoya

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  • "Sharp Switching of DNAzyme Activity through the Formation of a Cu(II)‐Mediated Carboxyimidazole Base Pair"

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  • "Allosteric Regulation of DNAzyme Activities through Intrastrand Transformation Induced by Cu(II)-Mediated Artificial Base Pairing"

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  • "Enzymatic Synthesis of Cu(II)-responsive Deoxyribozymes through Polymerase Incorporation of Artificial Ligand-type Nucleotides"

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Review Articles, Books, etc.

  • Bismuth─Catalyzed Redox Reactions

    T. Nakama

    J. Synth. Org. Chem. 2021, 79, 788–789.


  • "3.4 核酸無機材料"
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