A research achievement, “X-ray and Electron Diffraction Observations of Steric Zipper Interactions in Metal-Induced Peptide Cross-β Nanostructures”, was published in J. Am. Chem. Soc.!


Ebihara-san, a D1 student, won a poster award about extended crystalline sponge method at ISMSC 2023! Congratulations!


The results of joint research with Zhe Sun Laboratory at Tianjin University have been published in Chin. J. Chem.! The results of single-crystal X-ray structural analysis are useful in elucidating the correlation between the molecular structure and the function.


We have left the laboratory in Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo and moved all the laboratory equipment to Mitsui Link Lab Kashiwanoha 1!


The achievements of joint research with the Asahi Laboratory of Waseda University using the J-PARC SENJU single-crystal neutron diffraction beamline have been published in Acta Cryst.!


Shimadzu & GL Science’s GC-MS & preparative GC equipment, which arrived at Mitsui Link Lab Kashiwanoha 1 from Fujita Lab in the Institute for Molecular Science’s, has started operation! Members of the University of Tokyo and participating companies learned the handling in the manufacturer’s instruction session.


Rigaku’s X-ray diffractometer, which arrived at Mitsui Link Lab Kashiwa-no-Ha 1 on January 24, has started operation! The setup of large precision equipment is proceeding smoothly.


JEOL & JRI’s 500 MHz NMR equipment, which arrived at Mitsui Link Lab Kashiwa-no-Ha 1 on January 7, has started operation! A magnetic field is applied to the superconducting magnet, the resolution adjustment is completed, and it can be used for research.